Inspired by the NBA Dunk Contest – the first-ever Combo Contest quickly became a fan favorite in it’s inaugural year. Prince, aka the “Combo King” stole the show with his creative and utterly nasty Yoshi combos.  He will attempt to defend his title in 2017 – however, with a year to prepare, the other challengers will have stepped up their game.

Once again, the Combo Contest will kick-off Super Smash Con in 2017. The hype train starts here – don’t miss it!

The Competitors

The Rules

All characters, items, and stages are legal. Each contestant will have a 2 minute timer to perform their combo. The panel of five judges will score the combo on a scale from ‘1’ to ’10.’ The competitor’s score will be the total of the five judges’ ratings.

1st Round – All Eight competitors each perform one combo. Top 4 advance.

2nd Round – Top 4 competitors each perform one combo. Top 2 advance.

Final Round – Both Finalists perform two combos each, alternating attempts. The winner is the competitor with the highest combined total of both scores of the Final Round.