4 Smashers | 5 Games | 1 Master

The Smash Masters was created for one purpose: to try and settle the “Best Overall Smash Bros Player” debate once and for all. In 2016, Mew2King took home the crown. In 2017, Wizzrobe claimed the throne. Mew2King reclaimed his title in 2018. Who has what it takes to win in 2019?

Each of these selected players has proven themselves to be elite Smashers in various versions – but at Super Smash Con,  they will face off across five Super Smash Bros games.

The Competitors

Tempo ZeRo
T1 LarryLurr
MVG Salem

The Format

The competitors will partake in a single elimination bracket, counting set wins, game wins, and Big Victories* as tiebreakers.

* Big Victories are defined as:
– Smash 64/Smash Melee if the winner has 3 stocks or more when the match ends
– Smash Brawl / Smash Wii U / Smash Ultimate if the winner has 2 stocks or more when the match ends

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