8 Smashers | 4 Games | 1 Master

The Smash Masters was created for one purpose: to try and settle the “Best Overall Smash Bros Player” debate once and for all. In 2016, Mew2King took home the crown. In 2017, Wizzrobe claimed the throne. Who has what it takes to win in 2018?

Each of these selected players has proven themselves to be elite Smashers in various versions – but at Super Smash Con,  they will face off across four Super Smash Bros games.

The Competitors

The Bracket

The Rules

 A Smash Masters “set” consists of the following:

  1. A rock, paper, scissors game to determine who strikes games first
  2. The winner strikes one game from the series
  3. The loser then strikes one game from the series
  4. From the remaining two games, the RPS winner chooses which Smash title will be played first
  5. A normal Best of 3 set is played with normal tournament rules
  6. The loser of the set counterpicks which Smash title will be played next (from any unplayed title in the set)
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all Smash titles have been played

Determining the Winner:

  • The final scoring for the set will be determined by who won more sets (who won more Smash titles).
  • If tied 2-2, then the player with more game victories is the winner.
  • If game victories are tied, we will use a metric known as “big victories”, which will be awarded if a particularly lopsided win occurs
  •  A “Big Victory” is earned for Smash 64 / Smash Melee if the winner has 3 stocks or more when the match ends
  •  A “Big Victory” is earned for Smash Brawl / Smash Wii U if the winner has 2 stocks or more when the match ends

In the rare event of a tie across all measures, the players will enter the Smash Masters tiebreaker: Super Sudden Death, in which the players will each get a chance to strike a title and play in a gauntlet of one-stock games to determine the winner.

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