Special Events

#SSC19 Special Events Are Bigger Than Ever!

The Combo Contest is one of the staples of SSC and it really kicks off the weekend with a bang! Watch competitors from all over the world compete in Smash 64 to determine who can string together the hypest combo! Will Prince be able to complete the 4-peat?

Take a trip down memory lane at the Smashies! We’ll reflect on the last year of Smash as well as reveal YOUR choices for various awards. Put on you best suit and tie – it’s time for the Smashies! Nominations now open!

Matches involving heavy characters have always been some of the most exciting moments in Smash. At SSC 2019, 8 invited players will square off in a bracket where only the 8 heaviest characters are legal. This new event will surely bring the hype!

The Smash Masters was created for one purpose: to try and settle the “Best Overall Smash Bros Player” debate once and for all. In 2016, Mew2King took home the crown. In 2017, Wizzrobe outlasted everyone else. Mew2King reclaimed the title last year. Who will win in 2019?