Cosplay Prop Weapons Policy

Prop weapons will naturally be a part of many costumes we’re expecting to see at Super Smash Con. The comfort and safety of all attendees is our most important goal, and these rules are designed to provide the best possible experience to everyone involved. Staff of Super Smash Con and the Dulles Expo Center have the final say about what is and is not appropriate. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate prop weapons from the building, and will contact local authorities, should the need arise.

If you are bringing a prop weapon of any kind to Super Smash Con as part of your costume, whether an entrant in our costume contest or not, you MUST IMMEDIATELY REPORT TO THE INFO BOOTH UPON ENTRY TO THE DULLES EXPO CENTER! At the info booth, our staff will individually inspect each prop weapon. Prop weapons that pass inspection will be given a tag, clearly marking to staff and attendees that it is a costume piece and is appropriate. Once your prop weapon has been tagged, you’re free to enjoy Super Smash Con!

Plenty of props and prop weapons are unsafe when used inappropriately. A prop weapon that passes safety inspection may still be removed from the premises if used in a careless, dangerous, or otherwise irresponsible manner.

Staff will use the following guidelines to judge what prop weapons are appropriate.


Any item capable of firing projectiles will not be allowed, whether or not it is loaded. This includes airsoft guns, Nerf guns, water guns, BB and pellet guns, and others, as we deem appropriate.

Costume weapons may include NO MOVING PIECES. Any costume piece made from real gun parts, even parts now rendered inoperable, are not acceptable.

No prop weapons designed to appear identical to real guns are allowed, whether they are made of appropriate materials or not. A Fallout cosplayer, for example, can bring a self-built plasma rifle. Leave the Chinese Assault Rifle at home!

Although some costume weapons may include fastening screws or small nails, absolutely no metal will be permitted. A metal sword, even blunt or secured permanently within a scabbard, will not be allowed. The same applies to morning stars, flails, etc. Any metal other than fastening screws and nails for construction purposes will render your costume weapon inappropriate!

Other non-metallic solid materials are not permitted either. Hard rubber, leather, fiberglass or the like can be just as dangerous as metal, and are not allowed at Super Smash Con.

No chains, nets, or other objects that could become hazardous through tripping and the like.

No explosives or chemicals, including anything capable of “making a mess.”

ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS! Most fireworks are not legal in Virginia, so don’t even bring them into the state, much less the parking lot.


Costume or prop weapons, made of papier machie, plaster of Paris, cloth, balsa wood, and other prop-grade materials.

Bows or crossbows, provided they are strung with string, twine, or some other non-weapon grade substitute. The bow must be capable of producing no pull when drawn. Arrows or bolts must be dull.

Super Smash Con wants to provide maximum creativity to cosplayers while still keeping safety our top priority. Prop weapons will be removed from the premises when appropriate, but remember that SSC and DEC staff have the right to remove individuals from the premises as well. When in doubt, our staff will err on the side of caution, and we expect cosplayers to do the same.

We are here to serve the attendees of Super Smash Con, so if you have any questions, let us know!

All individuals will be screened upon entry, regardless of if they are in cosplay or not. Please inform yourself of our security policy here.